No one wants to pay for a bad job. When you contract work out you expect a professional finished product. Hiring a painter for your home is no different. You expect and want a professional job when you hire a professional painter. Finding a painter can be as easy as opening up the phone book. Finding a good painter that stands behind his or her work can take some effort. So before you just randomly chose one lets look into what it takes to find the right guy for the job.

How Big Is The Job?

Most of the time you may be able to do it your self. Small rooms or areas may not take as much time or effort. You can easily plan and do a small job. This is just by preference. Some people cannot stand painting or want a job that has the professional touch. Hiring a expect might be your only option.


If you are considering a do it yourself project, there are some factors to consider. Not all paint is equal, different finishes and paint surfaces exist. It doesn’t take a little bit of know how do your research. Look into different site that provide information for small home improvement projects.

The Golden Rule

The golden rule when hiring a contractor for any job is word of mouth. A good name is something that a proud contractor stands behind. Keeping a good reputation is very important. Some professionals will go the distance to satisfy the client, while others won’t. So if you find one that comes highly recommended by a few past clients your search may be over. That’s probably the most important tip I could give on this subject (I have other tips on home remedies, but that’s different).

Interview and Visual Inspection

Most painters will provide a free estimate. Take advantage of it and invite a handful over. This is not just about the price. Of course you want a good price, but this is also your opportunity to peer into the contractor’s character.

Does he or she have a professional appearance, clean and well kept. What type of transportation did he or she arrive in. Is the truck or van well kept, are tools and equipment thrown around? If this is a private contractor do they display a sense of pride and confidence.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Referrals

If you haven’t had any luck asking around for a good painter ask them for a referral. It may seem like a stretch but anyone that’s not a hiding a bad history will share referrals. If you did something you’re proud of would you share. Thats the best way to think of it. Keep the referrals recent, don’t accept referrals from jobs that were completed over 2-3 months ago. They must be recent, if this painter is professional they must be working at all times. A current referral may not be at hand, the contractor may wish to have time to reach out to previous clients and ask for permission to share info.

If you are like me, and hate to paint, then hiring a good contractor is important. You will be happy with the job and you know you can reach out to them again in the future. It should be more of a relationship than just picking a guy with a paint brush.

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