*It is important to know that is recommended you speak to your doctor, before trying any of the remedies mentioned within this writing. *

As an engineer we are out in the field constantly putting in 60 hour weeks at times just to get the job we were contracted for done on time. So it is necessary for us to rely on quick natural remedies, instead of going to the doctor every time we have a stomach ache.

It is amazing how far people have turned away from the use of home remedies to counteract minor health illnesses. Before pharmaceutical drugs swarmed the market, majority of the medicines were home remedies that seemed to work better, taste better, and cost less. As a child, there were a number of different ways to cure minor illnesses and aches with items that you kept in your cabinet. It’s amazing what the power of lemons, honey, herbal teas, and even salt could do for some of the minor pains and aches that you have experienced.

Now that times have changed, it is important to reiterate some tips for using home remedies for minor health illness. And for majority of the remedies, you probably already have the ingredients. This is great for those that have a small budget or simply would like a simpler, healthier option without all the side effects. If you are on the search for healthy alternatives, try some of these options.

Honey: Besides being an alternative sweetener, the natural antiseptic properties found in honey can be used to treat burns, sore throats, scrapes, and cuts.

Baking Soda: Baking soda is great for irritable situations, like chicken pox, rashes, and other itchy skin conditions as well as acid reflux.

Salt: If there was no inhaler available for an asthma attack, you could use salt, which acts as an antihistamine. Another great use is for the common sore throat. By mixing the salt in water and gargling, you can relieve your sore throat, clear your lungs of mucus and phlegm, and stop a dry cough. Another option is being used in place of an antiseptic.

Vinegar: Whenever you have a sunburn or an insect bite, vinegar can be applied to soothe your skin. It is excellent, when mixed into a cleaning solution to remove mold and kill bacteria. When combined with honey and warmed, it can treat headaches and arthritis. It has also been used to eliminate hiccups. It can also soothe the function and digestion of your gastro intestinal tract.

Lemon: The earth’s healing fruit can generate a compress, which will relieve sore throats and fever.

Ginger: Ginger is great for calming your digestive system and settling an upset stomach. Ginger can also treat sinus infection and pain, cold or flu symptoms, chest congestion, and arthritis pain. This health site has many good posts on how to use natural remedies, such as ginger tea, to treat chest congestion and stomach flu.

Chamomile: If there are any congestion or aches, the chamomile tea will help sweat it out. Another great alternative is for sleepless nights. With its soothing and relaxing characteristics, it can help promote sleep. It is a great addition for rashes and itchy skin as well.

Although these are home remedies, it is important that they be administered with proper supervision. Failure to have the proper supervision and not consulting your doctor can be very harmful to your health. Another great tip is to have these items on hand, in case there is ever an emergency in the future.

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