As a field engineer, I often need to travel to rural area for various engineering projects. I have met a lot of nice people through my travels. Unlike people in the city, people living in rural area often smile at strangers and say “Hi”. It’s absolutely wonderful. But I can’t help but notice that many people have yellow teeth when smiling. This indicates poor dental health or at least people in rural area are not brushing their teeth enough.

Personally, I am very concerned with my dental hygiene as part of keeping the well-being. I started to talk to the locals and see if they are aware of the potential dental health issue. I recommend them to start seeing dentist regularly and brush and rinse mouth after every meal.

I also shared some of the methods that I apply to maintain good dental health. They are as followed:

1)Proper brushing.
I ensure that I use a good tooth brush by this i mean one that has neither extra hard bristles or extra soft bristles . Brushing of teeth removes plaque ,tartar thus preventing cavities, tooth decay and any sort of gum diseases . Dentists recommend that teeth should at least be cleaned twice per year professionally.

2)Proper toothpaste
A good toothbrush should be accompanied by a good toothpaste with a well known review as they complement each other. For me, I prefer using Cedel Spearmint toothpaste, Close-up, Euthymol toothpaste, or Sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth. To speed up the removal of yellow teeth or to simply maintain your teeth, I recommend Colgate Optic white. It prevents the stains from reoccurring and is quite affordable. In fact, these toothpastes are all fairly inexpensive compared to the costly professional whitening treatment.

This method removes decaying food that remains stuck between the teeth. This method is cost effective for me, considering my busy schedule , I usually do it after a meal or before brushing my teeth. The food that remains stuck between the teeth can irritate the gums and once you try removing with items such as toothpicks the gum tissues can easily be irritated and lead to bleeding. Some remains of food can also lead to cavities especially if they are acidic thus flossing is essential.

4)Tongue cleaning
Lack of tongue cleaning is mostly the cause of bad breathe . To avoid this I usually ensure that I clean my tongue daily a I brush, this removes the bad breathe causing bacteria coating and the remains of decaying food. Proper tongue cleaning can also remove bacteria that leads to tooth decay and cavities.

5)Types of food consumed
Apart from cleaning the teeth the type of food consumed also determines the dental hygiene of an individual. My work requires one to have strong bones and muscles, thus I usually consume food items that can help in that and lucky enough the teeth also require such food intakes. These are foods rich in vitamin B such as cereals and foods rich in vitamin C like fruits and vegetables. Others are dairy food products,animal food products like beef and the most important water as it cleans the mouth and saliva and also because it contains fluoride which is an essential mineral to the teeth. I avoid sugary foods as well as the acidic ones like vinegar.

Above are 5 tips for those who would like to improve their dental health. As for me, I’ll continue to talk to others and urge them to pay attention to dental health.

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